Camping Aneto is located in a splendid place for your holidays, in the middle of the nature, at 1.230m high. Simultaneously, it is very close to the nice village of Benasque (3km), which has a remarkable architecture, specially the “Palacio de los Condes de Ribagorza”. Furthermore, the ski station of Cerler, a very beautiful village, is 6 km away.

Benasque’s valley takes up in the upper basin of the Ésera river and has an impressive natural beauty. In this valley you can find the bigger concentration of “three  thousand peaks” of the Pyrenees: Aneto (3.404m), Posets (3.375m), Perdiguero (3.221m), Maladeta (3.354m), etc… All of them have glaciers. There are also many “ibones”, lakes that were originally glaciers. The one of Cregüeña is astounding, located at 1.500m high and 500m large.

All these natural accidents are surrounded by a flora and fauna that makes this environment even more incredible. Forests of wild pines, oaks, fir trees, birches and black pines (from 1.500 to 2.200 m high), and meadows and alpine forests (higher than 2.200m) are essential elements of the local vegetation. The flowers are abundant and can be found at any heigh of the valley.

The fauna is very diverse too: squirrels, ermines, foxes, groundhogs, otters, eagles, Egyptian vultures, vultures and lots of other birds. The most famous in here are the capercaillie, the bearded vulture, the chamois, the ptarmigan, the Iberian desman (Galemys Pyrenaicus) and the butterfly Parnasius Apollo Pyrenaica.

Moreover, the human being has also created an artistic beauty over the villages and pitches. There are a lot of roman-Lombard ruins which are conserved in churches and shrines. It has also a very rich popular architecture.